FTO (Freedom to Operate) search


What is a FTO search ?

Identifying whether the technology performed by the defendant (infringer) of the patent infringement lawsuit can be a known technology (prior art) or it can be easily carried out by a person skilled in the art from the known technology (prior art).

If the technology, invention, or any product you plan to produce and commercialise to be implemented is free to operate, it does not need to be prepared against the patented invention, and the infringement of the patent is denied.

Country coverage

US, KR, CN, JP, EP, WO, etc


Patents, Patent Applications, Utility Models and Non-patent Literatures

Investigation period

Within 15 days from business days after payment

Method for providing results

Providing reports, including a report and a reference document analyzed in accordance with the requirements of the infringement and identifying the possibility of infringement, in the form of electronic files or bound by email or mail