Business area

KTG GLOBAL provides a variety of intellectual property services including patentability search, prior art search for examination, and dispute investigation based on our search experiences for PCT and domestic examination.

We accomplish the value of customer satisfaction by handling all inquiries quickly and accurately. 

We provide customized intellectual property services depending on the client's situation.

Patentability search

(Novelty search,

Prior art search)


We investigate the presence of similar prior art before filing a patent application or when filing a request for examination.

This saves cost due to unreasonable applications, saves time during the examination process, and eliminates the reasons for rejection.

Invalidity search


We investigate and analyze data on the possibility of invalidation of certain patents.

We can utilize the data as a reference for litigation and dispute resolutions 

Infringement search


We investigate the possibility of patent infringement by others.

We help individuals and businesses avoid wasting valuable time and money in research and development that ultimately has to be discarded for patent violations.

Freedom to Operate

(FTO) search


The FTO search helps identify potential patent barriers to commercialization of a product or technology.

In the FTO search, we also consider patents and public documents that have expired to prove non-infringement of the covered product against the valid patent.